The Northlight film scanner allows us to aquire data from any 16 mm or
35 mm format for the 10bit DI process in all resolutions and ratios up to 6K.

The data is stored centraly on Listo's SAN to allow for optimal workflow for digital cleaning, VSFX work and grading, guaranteeing efficiant processing of all required deliverables.

The Baselight EIGHT is our preferred tool for the DI online and grading process. Be it an 2/4K 10bit process for filmrecording or digital masters in xyz colorspace for digital projection, all resolutions from SD to 4K are easily handled.

Listo uses the Arrilaser to record your projects back to color or black & white 35 mm Intermediate negative or positive, as well as original camera negative stocks.

Listo's film department offers all standard reproductions for analog projection of DI outputs.