LISTO's telecine department has always been widely recognized in Europe for its high quality. Our colorists are considered to be one of the best in their field and a wide range of productions, including Michael Haneke's and Stefan Ruzowitzky's Academy Award winning films "Amour" and "The Counterfeiters", relied on their competence.

Nowadays LISTO's colorists work across both telecine and non-linear platforms, to deliver the outstanding creative and technical quality our company is known for.

Our color grading department is equipped with a SpiritHD telecine driven by a daVinci2Kplus color grading system, which provides HD/SD(PAL/NTSC) transfers of film to tape from 16mm/S16mm and 35mm/S35mm 2/3/4perf in HD and SD resolution.

To meet the requirements of flexibility and speed today's productions demand for, we added a Nucoda FilmMaster grading suite to our pipeline.

For Digital Intermediate grading LISTO is equipped with a Baselight EIGHT grading system. Be it a 2/4K 10bit process for filmrecording or digital masters in XYZ colorspace for digital projection, all resolutions from SD to 4K are easily handled.