At LISTO we offer our clients top of the line equipment from leading manufacturers driven by very experienced operators in every budget margin.

To create visually exciting images our animation deparment offers clients the talents of our artists and a wide range of tools to realize even the most complex tasks.
We will assist you in planning and storyboarding as well as supervising the shot to make sure everything is done right.

Autodesk's SMOKE is a high end non-linear editing system with all of the necessary tools for finishing your job. SMOKE allows for post production work in resolutions of up to 2K. Be it for auto conforming or raw editing, SMOKE is ideal for any online editing job today's market can offer.

Autodesk's FLAME gives you the most power for high end special effects in PAL, HD or film resolution (2K - 2048x1536, 4K - 4096x3072) available today. We also offer you a wide range of third party plugins to complete the already overwhelming effect capabilities of this software.

For animation we use Autodesk's SOFTIMAGE which is widely known for it's excellence in animating. Natural effects like smoke or snow are created using SOFTIMAGE's ICE particles, and if it comes to sculpting and texture painting, Autodesk's MUDBOX is our tool of choice. To meet the deadlines we have a network of Intel 64bit processors at our disposal.

We also offer a range of image processing and illustration software running on PC and Macintosh computers for importing and manipulating artwork in almost any file format.